Europa in der Schule

Four Motors Online 2019/2020: EUnited - Europe connects - Four Motors connect.

The "Four-Motor-Online" project is an intercultural blended-learning project for students of secondary and higher academic secondary schools or higher vocational secondary schools from Baden-Württemberg, Lombardy, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Catalonia. The project gives a voice to students of the four motors on the future of Europe. The topics will be centered around Europe’s future.

European values: what connects us? Think about topics such as peace on the European continent and global challenges such as climate change. Be the ambassador of your region and show your contribution for Europe.

This project gives a voice to students of the four motors on “EUnited” - students take up the topics of the 67th European Competition in their virtual projects. Students will explore collaboratively Europe’s diversity, they will discuss challenges and what can be changed for young people in the four motor regions through eTwinning, the online platform which is part of the EU programme ERASMUS+. Support will be provided throughout the project.

Partner schools/classes are highly encouraged to participate in the project together and deepen their partnerships.

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